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Restore from new Windows install

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I multiple backup of an old Windows installation. My computer has recently been repaired and now has a new clean install of Windows. I simply want to restore the latest Acronis backup. I have installed Acronis TrueImage 2017.

I thought this would be straightforward, and assumed I would click a restore button, locate backup file etc - but cannot see the next step. Please help!





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Mark, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry but have several questions here:

What version of Windows OS has been installed, and is this the same as you had before?

What type of backups do you have from the old installation?
Are these 'Entire PC', Disks & Partitions, or just of Files & Folders?

Any recovery of your old Windows OS installation would immediately wipe out your new clean install of Windows - this has to be done as a first step to prepare the drive for the recovered data.

I would recommend making a Disk & Partitions backup of your new clean Windows OS installation before attempting a recovery - this will give you a means of getting back to your starting point should you need to do so!

See KB 58570: Acronis True Image 2017: how to back up entire computer for help with the above.

Please see KB 59870: Acronis True Image 2017: how to restore the system to the original disk from within running Windows 

See also forum topic: [How to] recover an entire disk backup - this was written for when using the Acronis bootable Rescue Media to perform the recovery rather than doing this from within Windows.