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Restoring estimated time remaining improved in 2017?

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One of my biggest gripes with ATI over the years is the pathetically bad estimated time remaining numbers presented when doing cloning or restores.  It's been bad and/or getting worse over the years. 

I initially use ATI years ago to backup/restore 40-80GB IDE drives.  The whole restore process took 8-11 minutes (compressed data was about 5GB) and the calculation was fairly close without anything wild. If it said 6 minutes remaining, it might be 4, it might be 10, but it wouldn't be 40 minutes.

I've been using SSD's for years (as well as spinners), but the estimated time remaining numbers are always wildly, wildly, off.  For example, there's nothing more annoying than seeing "8 minutes" for 45 minutes and then have it go to 11 minutes for another 20 minutes.  It makes no sense to have such a low estimate at the start, keep it under 10 minutes for almost an hour, then bump up, etc.  *shakes head*

There's several ways to do estimated time remaining.  Some are: 1) Determine how long previous data took to transfer as an average and use that to estimate how long the remaining will take, 2) Look at the current speed and use that to determine remaining time.

No algorithm is going to be perfect, but it should keep adjusting itself accordingly as data is written.  I have no clue what algorithm Acronis uses because the estimated time remaining is non-sensical and obvious not using either of the above methods.

Until these ETA's start becoming sensical, I won't be upgrading ever again and I won't be recommending it for server purchases for business's I work for or consult for. 

Thanks in advance

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Mike, it is difficult to say whether this indication of estimated remaining time has changed or improved in ATIH 2017 as there are lots of different factors at work here.

One of the key points is that ATIH is using the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) under the covers and I suspect that this is at least partly responsible for any misleading estimated time values shown.  Older versions of ATIH prior to 2015 used Acronis' own snapshot utility to capture the data being backed up so was much more tightly integrated for these time calculations.

It is possible to test this by disabling VSS in an individual ATIH task as documented in post: