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Scheduler Service Failure

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The backup function does not work for me because the Scheduler Service fails to initialize. I am given the choice of clicking "ignore" or "knowledge base". Knowledge bas e has nothing on the error and ignore will let ATI boot up, but without the option to backup. Please help. This is all I get:

Event code: 0x00900022+0x0000FFF0+0x80070002

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Go to

control panel >>> administrative tools >>> (right click and "run as administrator) services

Check to make sure the "Acronis Scheduler2 service" status is "running" and that the startup type is "automatic".  If not, please set to both.  You may want to actually set to "automatic delay" as that will tell it to wait 60 seconds before starting after the OS starts.  In some cases, the extra delay may help if the services that Acronis relies on have not started yet.  

Working with very little information here - no idea if you upgraded, what OS, if it worked before, etc.  If this was an upgrade, you can download the full installer from our account and "run as administrator".  You should get the option to "repair" the installation, which may help if the upgrade or initial install did not complete correctly for some reason.