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Size of Backup Data

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Hi, I'm a long-time user of Acronis True Image 2017.  I've installed a new laptop and the result of my first backup confuses me.  The Acronis "backup' tab screen shows "Entire PC 45.9GB of Data Selected".  When I run a 'full backup scheme' and check the results in the target backup folder the data shows just 21.0GB of data backed up.

I've repeated the backup a few times and get the same result.  Am I missing something here?

Any guidance appreciated.


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Bob, the size of the selected data that is shown (45.9GB) is the size that is holds on the disk before any Exclusions configured in ATI are applied and before any Compression is done.

The default exclusions can account for some very large size savings, and include excluding the Windows swapfile.sys, hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys which are all rebuilt automatically by Windows on boot if not present, and also the System Volume Information hidden/system folders where system restore point data is stored if Protection is enabled.

Compression can achieve around a 20% saving in file size too.

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Thanks so much for the response - appreciated.