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'The specified file does not exist' error

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I'm getting this error message (see also the attached jpg) after making two recent changes to my Windows 10 Acronis TI2017 backup to Drobo NAS setup. These involved adding 2 more drives to the Drobo (probably unrelated, but I thought I'd mention it), and stopping a backup because I needed to power the system down for a while and then process some image files quickly. The one interrupted was a full backup, and there's a full one followed by c.5 previous incremental backups already on the Drobo, I believe.

I get the error now on attempting to re-start the backup. 

I assume this relates to some change in my system's files between ending the backup and re-starting it, and I'd be very grateful for advice on how to proceed. Mnay thanks in advance.

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The first place to start is to download the MVP Log Viewer program (look at the Community Tools link below) then check what messages are being given for your backup task when you try to start it.

Sorry but no image jpg was attached - to embed an image, click on the top right icon (mountains & moon), upload the image then click on select to embed it in your comments.

Another option would be to use the 'Clone settings' option for your current backup task which will give you a duplicate task with the same name but starting with (1) - edit this duplicate task and double check both the source and destination selections are correct - you will also be prompted to enter your NAS credentials.  If you decide to use this new duplicate task, then I would recommend using a different destination folder on the NAS so that you make a fresh start.  The task name can be changed prior to running the backup for the first time and the backup files will take the changed name.

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dong tac...welcome to the user forum. 

I strongly recommend upgrading to ATI 2018.  I perform backups to a Synology NAS and ATI 2018 has performed flawlessly.