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[Standard Edition] Acronis True Image 2017 Update 2

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Hello Everyone,

Please be aware that we have published Acronis True Image 2017 Update 2:

 Build number for PC version: 8029
 Build number for Mac version: 8024

What's new in this build:

  • View content of a mobile backup
  • Local Mobile Backup to a Mac
  • Back up a Mac computer to NAS
  • Encryption for Mobile and Facebook backups
  • Recovery from Facebook backup will be supported
  • Other improvements

Fixed issues in Windows version:

  • Network connection problem while backing up to an NAS.
  • Credentials are not accepted during connection to an NAS, and the connection fails.
  • Empty list of shares and folders for a mounted NAS.
  • File sync failed because of the issue with SSL connection.
  • Backup from an automatically detected NAS to cloud fails after the network is disconnected.
  • Credentials are not prompted at the initial access to a Netgear NAS with user-restricted access to the root folder.
  • Issues with closing the credentials input dialog for an NAS backup.
  • It is impossible to create backup to a network share. It fails with the error "The operation is not supported."
  • Recovery from a backup stored on a password-protected NAS failed.
  • Console does not ask for credentials to access NAS, and therefore the backup or archiving fails.
  • Acronis True Image becomes non-responsive or crashes, if only one NAS is connected and selected as a backup source.
  • The System clean-up tool crashes on handling SMB shares.
  • File search does not work for backups located on network shares.
  • A backup with an FTP server as a destination cannot be configured.
  • Acronis True Image crashes during selection of an FTP server as a source for a backup to NAS.
  • After backing up file and folders to an NAS, the created .tib file cannot be opened.
  • Backup of files stored on an FTP share failed.
  • Mobile backup servers caused CPU overuse.
  • The mobile backup server does not start after an Acronis True Image update.
  • Disk cloning fails when started from Windows.
  • Backup validation scheduling settings are not displayed in the console after the backup is configured.
  • Backup validation does not start from the shortcut menu in File Explorer, if the backup is not in the backup list.
  • Unable to create Windows PE bootable media because of a Next button is unavailable in the wizard.
  • Under bootable media, dynamic volumes are not shown in the recovery destination list.
  • Adding new files to the source of an encrypted file backup failed because of lost credentials.
  • Backups in Acronis Secure Zone are not accessible after Acronis True Image reinstallation.
  • Opening archive files (.tia) stored on an external drive fails.
  • Comment for an encrypted local backup can be edited only once.
  • Backup cannot be deleted entirely from a network share. The following error appears: "Failed to delete all files of the backup".
  • Backups to the cloud are not displayed in the Online Dashboard.
  • Files to recover are not displayed in the console, if the backup was added manually.
  • In File Explorer, the shortcut menu does not work for a nonstop backup to Acronis Secure Zone.
  • Unable to clone MBR disk partitions by using the As is method and the Copy partitions and use a disk as non-system, GTP-style option selected.
  • Subfolders unselected in the backup source are still backed up to the cloud.
  • In Windows System Protection settings, the maximum allowed disk space usage becomes 100 percent after the Acronis True Image installation.
  • The backup list area is not responding after clicking Cancel in the password request dialog while trying to access a password-protected backup to Acronis Secure Zone.
  • File sorting algorithm in the "Select files to archive" menu is case-sensitive.

Fixed issues in Mac version:

  • The user interface is not available in Chinese Simplified and Traditional.
  • In macOS Sierra 10.12, Acronis True Image does not open under bootable media.
  • An internal error occurred on selecting a local destination for archiving.
  • Parallels Desktop 10 virtual machine cannot boot after recovery from Acronis Cloud.
  • Parallels Desktop 9 virtual machine cannot boot after the full system recovery.
  • In OS X Yosemite 10.10, the common_installer process crashes at the first opening of Acronis True Image.
  • It is possible to rename a backup after it has been started.
  • There is no notification about the necessity of having administrator privileges to run the product.
  • The "Disk and file backups are also available" text is misplaced in the console.
  • Browsing archived data on Acronis Drive failed.
  • After applying the Twice a day backup schedule, the second start time is changed spontaneously.
  • Recovery of a previous file version in the cloud fails with the error that the source file could not be read.

Note that this Update is developed for users of Standard editions.

All owners of perpetual licenses are encouraged to update to the latest builds 8029/8024.

Owners of subscription licenses purchased:

  • before Jan 18 - eligible to use both New Generation builds 6116/6065 and Standard builds 8029/8024
  • after Jan 18 - eligible to install builds 8029/8024 only

Release notes can be found here.

Thank you!