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Subscription Benefits

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So what exactly are the benefts of choosing the subscription licensing model? 

As far as I can can see the two differences are:

Subsciption includes phone support and has "Current version plus feature updates" 

Does this mean if I purchase the 1-time purchase that bug fixes are not included?

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The software download is idential for all the options, so you will continue to get updates that the subscribers get (for ATI 2017; you will not get a free upgrade to the next version of ATI). In the past the frequency of updates for the preceding version has tended only to deal with critical problems. There were updates to ATI 2015 around the time ATI 2016 was released (probably mainly due to the 'concurrent' release of Windows 10).


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With the subscription, you also get access to the cloud backup, recovery and archive ry services and cloud storage space (500Gb), in addition to phone support and free major version upgrades during the subscription period.  

With 2017, this is the first time that 1 year technical support was introduced in all versions so that was an additional perk in 2015/2016, but now now phone support is the upgrade as that was never included in previous versions.  In 2016 and prior years, you only got 30 days technical support (except for recovery issues and account/licensing issues which are always supported).  

If you want the cloud services, then the subscription service might be the way to go.  If you don't plan on using cloud backups or cloud storage, then perpetual license is all you need.