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Sync between PC and NAS

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In an older version I was able to use sync between my PC (Music) and my NAS (Music). Meaning every time I added a new CD to my Music folder it would automatically sync with the backup server. My 2017 version does not allow that any longer. (Note: I do not want to backup to the Cloud). 




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JB, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but all current / recent versions of ATI only support Sync to another computer running ATI or to the Acronis Cloud if a subscription for this is held.  There is no option to sync to a NAS or external drive etc.

I would recommend checking what options your NAS offers in this area - on my Synology NAS I am using the Synology Drive feature which allows me to sync selected folders & their contents between both the NAS, my other PC's also running Drive, and my mobile devices too using the app provided for both Android and Apple products.