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sync pc with sd card

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I have one file on my pc that I would like to sync to a sd card that I can then access on my tablet. I'm trying to simply update the sd card instead of a full copy and paste. Can I do that with my True Image 2017?

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John, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but ATI 2017 synchronisation only works between different PC's or the Acronis Cloud, so cannot be used for your SD card unless it was connected in a different PC and both PC's are running ATI 2017, which would be overkill for a single file.

Take a look around for the various free file synchronisation tools that are available and which can do what you want, or consider using the Windows RoboCopy feature that is integrated into most recent versions of the OS.

See MS webpage: Robocopy and a Few Examples - which shows how to do this.