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System unable to back up with "script" error from TI

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I have a system that is having the following error and just spamming the email address that is used for backups.

2017-12-18 11:30:31:145 10360 I00640000: Backup reserve copy attributes: format tib; need_reserve_backup_copy false;

2017-12-18 11:30:31:145 10360 I00640002: Operation Entire PC (DAVE-DESKTOP) started by schedule.

2017-12-18 11:30:31:817 10360 I00640000: Backup reserve copy attributes: format tib; need_reserve_backup_copy false;

2017-12-18 11:30:31:817 10360 I013C0000: Operation: Backup

2017-12-18 11:30:31:817 10360 E000B0069: Error 0xb0069

| trace level: error

| line: 0x25c43ad22fb16035

| file: k:\8058\products\imager\archive\impl\operations\script.cpp:1802

| function: TrueImage::Archive::FillBatch

| line: 0x25c43ad22fb16035, k:\8058\products\imager\archive\impl\operations\script.cpp:1802, TrueImage::Archive::FillBatch

| $module: ti_demon_vs_8058

2017-12-18 11:30:31:817 10360 W00010064: Failed to process tag 'script' in script '7AF8609C-CBFB-4440-B78D-E8F57F18EEC6'.

2017-12-18 11:30:31:817 10360 I0064000B: Priority changed to Low.

2017-12-18 11:30:31:864 10360 E013C0005: Error 0x13c0005: Operation has completed with errors.

| trace level: error

| line: 0x9f2c53c72e8bcea1

| file: k:\8058\products\imager\demon\main.cpp:683

| function: main

| line: 0x9f2c53c72e8bcea1, k:\8058\products\imager\demon\main.cpp:683, main

| $module: ti_demon_vs_8058

When I am at the system, I am not able to save any edits to the job without ATI crashing.

Please advise.

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Joe, welcome to these User Forums.

First suggestion here is to stop all Acronis Services and Processes in that order.  

Next open the folder C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Scripts and locate the script file called out in the error message: 

Failed to process tag 'script' in script '7AF8609C-CBFB-4440-B78D-E8F57F18EEC6'.

So find the file: 7AF8609C-CBFB-4440-B78D-E8F57F18EEC6.tib.tis which is the script configuration file for your backup task that is causing the error spamming.

I would recommend deleting this problem script file which will also delete the backup task in the main ATI GUI - so you will need to recreate this again.  You can use the option to 'Add existing backup' and select one of the backup files created by the problem task, then click on Reconfigure for the task added to the GUI.

Note: You may also need to download and use the Acronis Scheduler Manager tool (link in my signature) and run this as Administrator to clear out the scheduler entry for the above problem task.  You will see a black command type window open where you need to type 'get list' which will list all the Scheduler entries, then find the one that matches the script name above (without the file extension.  Follow the guidance in the KB document for the Scheduler Manager for how to select that single script task and delete it.

Final note: when configuring your backup task, change the Advanced Options > Error Handling settings to prevent this type of runaway error message spamming.  I personally disable any error handling as have been bit by this type of issue in the past.  I prefer a task to fail with an error than constantly try to retry!