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Things didn't go well during building of PE Rescue Media

Thread needs solution
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Hello everyone,

I feel awfully silly but I had a few confusing moments, and ultimately I failed. I was around when you guys were developing the code, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what you are doing.

I read about mapping, and customizing the map.cmd file with notepad, but I never got an opportunity, that I could see.

I don't think I need to inject drivers in my Acer laptop, but definitely need IRST drivers in my Dell.

The last question is, should I be creating this Rescue Media on each respective laptop ?

Thanks for your help

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Assuming that you are speaking about the MVP Custom ATI PE media builder tool, then I have never bothered with mapping network drives as it should be easy enough to do from the rescue environment provided your network connection is active.

You can add the Intel RST drivers and let the WinPE boot process decide if they are needed for the machine where you are using the rescue media without the need to have different media for each laptop you have. 

If any of your laptops have specific drivers that are needed, then these could be added to the MVP media at the same time as the Intel RST drivers.

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Well I took another look and I got lucky the second time.  I find the mapping very helpful when I don't  use often