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TI2017, fails to open File backup, and asks for older full backup

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Hello I am using TI2017 on a PC witch I upgraded from WIN7pro to WIN10 Pro using the Microsoft update agent which installs WIN10 on an existing WIN7 system keeping the software.

I have a FILE backup running for long on some database files every night. It was set mo make  a full backup and 6 incremental backups and then the next Full backup with 6 increments a.s.o  ...., and AFAIR to keep 183 days of these before deleting it.

I wanted to recover a file today......... but I didnt get access, if I press RECOVER FILE it says
"CANNOT FIND VERSION 1"  which is nonsense. the oldest full backup I have has number 203 (from december 2019) , the newest 225 (from this week).
But it TI says it wants version 147..... for some reason I can understand...
I did deleted the backup setup and used the ADD EXISTING BACKUP, now I can validate the LAST block, but again I cannot recover any files!

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Stefanos, if you have previously deleted unwanted backup files outside of the ATI GUI then information on the deleted files is left behind in the Acronis database which gives this type of error message.

I would recommend forcing a rebuild of the database files using the steps advised in KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - Note: you should only need to rebuild the database, not all the other actions mentioned in this document.

After rebuilding the database, do a further validation for the backup task.

Also, try recovering the files you want by double-clicking on the .tib file in Explorer to open it and navigate the contents.

See KB 59115: Acronis True Image 2017: How to Restore Files (Windows) and scroll down to the section of recovering files from Explorer.

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I will try that on this PC and come back.

I was able to get access on the files using another PC with TI2017, adding the backup with "add existing backup" it was quick and easy, no problem at all, I did recover a file from December..... so it seems to be related to the PC we use as "server" who did generate this backups on the NAS.