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Time & date stamp is in the future

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The time and date stamp on my replicates and back-ups are dated in the future. I checked my back-up on Friday, November 26th at around 5PM and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office reported that a backup had occurred on Saturday, November 27th at 7:59PM. It seems that my system is living in the future. The time and date are correctly reported on my computer - tied to a Windows server. My question is, how can Acronis back-up future files/settings and report them the day before they happen!? Although I'm truly perplexed by the implications of this space/time continuum dilemma, I'd really like to know how to make Acronis accurately report the date and time of replicas and back-ups on my computer (in my current date & time reality).



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Patrick, welcome to these public User Forums.

Caveat: I do not use the Acronis replication feature!  I tried it and found it to be a poor relation to simply creating a separate backup to the Acronis Cloud which has many advantages over using replication!

Replication will always run sequentially after the main backup task has completed and then run in the background to upload a copy of the latest backup image file to the cloud, so the time stamp will also be later than the local backup time.

One reason I do not use replication is that it follows the same backup scheme as the local task, i.e. will regularly upload Full backup images to the cloud after X number of incremental or differential backups.  A normal cloud backup only ever uploads one full backup image then only uploads changed data thereafter, using a delta / incremental hybrid method to minimise upload data along with using versioning for changed data - all of which is far more efficient use of cloud storage than replication.

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Steve - legend indeed. Thanks for the description.