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True Image 2017 - Error 0x1e50023: The specified file does not exist

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I am using True Image 2017 for a scheduled daily differential disk partition backup on a Lenovo E545 laptop. The backup files are being saved to an external Seagate 1TB USB hard drive. Six differential backups are created, then a full backup is created. Six backup version chains are maintained by the backup task. The backup task is failing with the error message "Error 0x1e50023: The specified file does not exist."

I have uninstalled then reinstalled True Image 2017 twice using the True Image file downloaded from my Acronis account. I have recreated the backup task from scratch after each reinstallation. The first full backup and the next few differential backups work fine. Then the backup task fails on the 5th or 6th differential backup with "Error 0x1e50023: The specified file does not exist." This behavior has happened both times I reinstalled True Image 2017 - Build 8058. In every case the failure occurs when True Image attempts to validate the .TIB backup file.

Last night the error occurred for the first time in the second reinstallation. On a hunch, I manually tried to validate the backup file and the validation worked! So it seems that the scheduled backup file is getting saved correctly but the scheduled validation task is failing. I have checked that the external USB drive has a permanent drive letter assigned (it does) and that the partition attributes for the drive all say "No" (they do).

I have no idea what might be causing this problem. I've been using True Image since 2008 and I've never seen this problem before. I've attached the backup job log from last night's backup in the hope that someone can shed some light on this problem after taking a look at the log file.

Thanks In Advance For Your Help!

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Bill, the log information shows as you have already determined, that the backup operation itself is successful but that the subsequent additional validation operation is where a failure is happening.

There have been known issues with including validation in backup tasks across several versions of ATI such that I would recommend keeping these operations separate.

Personally, I do not do regular validation of my own backup tasks and haven't ever done so, mainly due to the extra time that this requires but also because it doesn't really add any significant value as it is only an exercise in reading back the file and making a checksum comparison.

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Thanks, Steve, for this information about performing validation as part of a backup task.  I wasn't aware that there had been issues.