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True Image 2018 does not start in Windows 10 Pro

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Please Help!! I bought 5 seats of Acronis True Image 2018 and have NOT been able to use it. It was installed in Windows 10 Pro on my HP EliteBook. But when I clicked Acronis program, it started and the cursor disappeared after spinning for 10-20 seconds. Then nothing. The Acronis Program did not show up on the Windows 10 Desktop. I have other Microsoft Office 365 programs running normally. I have uninstalled Acronis, rebooted and reinstalled many times. No help. Same problems. However, I have installed Acronis on my HP Spectre 360. Acronis boots up to Windows 10 desktop. Can anyone tell me what happened? If Windows 10 is corrupted on my HP EliteBook, why it only impacts Acronis? Any help is deeply appreciated!

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Shong, welcome to these public User Forums.

Did you install ATI 2018 using an Administrator level account, as required for this application to work correctly, and are you launching ATI 2018 using the same account?