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Trying to Back Up to SSK External Drive

Thread needs solution
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I am not a computer guru. So bear with me. I connected an SSK external drive to my network by connecting to the wireless router. I can see the External Drive in Windows, access the files, etc. I mapped the External Drive to Disk "Z". When I try to do an Acronis backup however, it says "Connection Failed" every time, even though I added the correct credentials. What should I do. Not too computer savvy so the explanation would be appreciated in plain terms. Thanks. Michael

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Michael, sorry but too little information here?

What is an SSK external drive?  Do you mean an SSD (solid-state drive)?

Have you tested connecting this drive directly to your computer instead of to the router?

What version / build of ATI are you using here?  This is shown on the Account page in the main ATI GUI.