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Ture Image 2017 in linux version available ?

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Hi, I need to restore my Windows partition because of the following problems below.  My only choice is to either have a True Image 2017 DVD or have a Linux version of True Image 2017.


- my Windows-7 installaton CD is corrupted. I tried 3 times to load it to repair my Windows but it keeps causing a Blue Screen of Death

- the only CD version of True Image I have is the restore DVD version from True Image 2014 but when I tried to open my only backup file, it cannot recognize the password. I tried several password combination to access my backup file but it does not work. I do not understand it cannot recognize my password.  I assume it is because of compatibility issues

- the only O/S I can boot too right now is Xubuntu (Linux) as dual boot that I installed today. It is this dual boot install that f... up my Windows.


I suspect it is my MBR that is affected but I have no way of finding if my Windows partitiion got affected too.


If I had a True Image 2017 (I own a license) in Linux version, I could install it and then restore my windows partitions.

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There is no Linux version of Acronis True Image 2017 or other years in the sense of a version that would install in a Linux OS environment such as Ubuntu (or variants of the same) but you can download the ATI 2017 Rescue Media from your Acronis Account as an .ISO file which you can burn to a CD or DVD - this is based on a Linux OS (BusyBox) that you use to boot your computer from to restore / recovery your PC in a bare-metal scenario.

See webpage: Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool - where you can download a tool to allow you to download the Windows 7 install media.