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Unable to access AppData folder

Thread needs solution
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I am in a rather desperate situation in which I need to restore my boss' Outlook pst file from his AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook folder. Regardless of whether I 'open' the .tib files or use the 'Recover files' option on the GUI, I cannot see the AppData folder on any of these backups. Folder options are set to "Show hidden files, folder and drives". How can I restore these files?

Windows 7, ATI2017, Disk and Partition backup of C drive.

Later ... My bad. In fact Folder Options WERE NOT set to "Show hidden files". When I successfully did that, the AppData folder showed up. I tried deleting this post, but it was too last. Moderator, feel free to delete.

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Hey, glad it worked out!  Phew!!!! Gotta keep the boss happy!!! :)