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Unable to install Acronis TI 2017

Thread needs solution
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Hi, (first time posting)

I purchased this 2017 TI, and had no issues till date, helped me recover from the earlier pains of the 1803 WINX creator. I purchased a new laptop about a week ago and decided to install Acronis 2017 TI. I have downloaded the latest available EXE. from within my account, and try as i may, it cancels out during installation. Now this has been experienced in a clean/ new install of 10Pro, also used the cleaner tools mentioned here after a premature-self cancelled install. I have also disabled the AV and used admin mode to no avail.

Please advise

PS- attached picture of failed installation and error code displayed


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RIG is a 8750H laptop with 16GB and a TB of SSD running TPM 2.0 (which i have disabled and incidentally turned of fast boot, but no successful installations)

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Please see forum topic: ATI 2018 not installing - not valid win32 application which looks to be a very similar issue to as shown in your screen image and offers one solution plus links to other help.