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Validate a scheduled backup?

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I am currently using TI 2015. In setting the options for a scheduled backup there is an option to validate the backup after completed. I cannot find this option in TI 2017. I know I can right-click a backup and choose validate but I can't find an option to AUTOMATICALLY validate. Can anyoen help? I have not decided to upgrade yet.


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George, please see the ATIH 2017 User Guide: Backup validation option which shows that this option is definitely still available.

Backup validation option

You can specify the following settings:

  • Validate backup when it is created - Select to check the integrity of the backup version immediately after backup. We recommend that you enable this option when you back up your critical data or system disk.
  • Validate backup regularly - Select to schedule validation of your backups to ensure that they remain "healthy".

    The default settings are as follows:

    • Frequency: once a month.
    • Day: the date when the backup was started.
    • Time: the moment of backup start plus 15 minutes.
    • Advanced settings: the Run the validation only when the computer is idle check box is selected.

    Example: You start a backup operation on July 15, at 12.00. The backup version is created at 12.05. Its validation will run at 12.15 if your computer is in the "screen saver" state at the moment. If not, then the validation will not run. In a month, August 15, at 12.15, the validation will start again. As before, your computer must be in the "screen saver" state. The same will occur on September 15, and so on.

    You can change the default settings and specify your own schedule. For more information seeScheduling.

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Thank you, Steve.