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version 11 not compatible with win 10 how to get tib files off my external hard drive

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Hi all, I sure hope you can help me.

I have been using version 11 with windows 7 for years. All my files (.tib), including important photos etc are stored on an external hard drive. 

My windows 7 computer finally died and I had to replace it with a windows 10 computer. Version11 wont restore the files with win10  I understand that true image 11 is very old.  I would buy a newer version if one would restore the files. I tried downloading the free trial of the latest version and couldn't figure out how to restore my files.

Can anyone help me figure out what to do? PLEASE


Ref (bruce)



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Bruce, please see the link in my signature for Backup archive compatibility which shows the following:

Acronis True Image 2020 Standard, Advanced and Premium on Windows

backups of Windows computers created with:
Acronis True Image 2019, Acronis True Image Subscription,
Acronis True Image 2018, Acronis True Image Subscription
Acronis True Image 2017, Acronis True Image Subscription
Acronis True Image 2016, Acronis True Image Cloud (Release 2016)
Acronis True Image 2015
Acronis True Image 2014*
True Image 2013 by Acronis*
Acronis True Image Home 2012*
Acronis True Image Home 2011*
Acronis True Image Home 2010*
Acronis True Image Home 2009*
Acronis True Image Home 11*

* Backups can only be restored. Other operations can be limited. It is necessary to create a new backup plan / archive.

If you have ATI 2020 (or 2019) installed on your Windows 10 computer along with your external backup drive connected, then you should be able to open Windows Explorer to your backup drive then simply double-click on any of your backup .tib files from ATI 11.0 and it should open to show you the contents.  Once the file is opened, you can then use Copy & Paste commands to recover individual files or folders etc.

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thank you I'll try that.will it work with the trial version of 2020

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Yes, it should work just the same in the trial version.

See KB 2768: Trial version limitations of Acronis products for more information on this area.