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Virus / Ransomeware Issue On Hidden Parthtion Or Drive?

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If I have just one drive with multi partitions.  In one of the partitions, I strictly use it to save
my system backup images.  After each backup, I re-hide this partition (Hidden Partition).
What happens to this partition If I were to be infected by virus or even ransomware?
On the same scenario, what if the backup location were a separate drive and I hide this drive.
What happens in case of an infection?
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So you are using ATI 2017 standard, not ATI 2017 NG which has malware protection.

Hiding the backup partition will prevent some, but probably not all, malware from attacking your backups. I supect this would be the case if you used a separate internal HDD. I would go for backing up to a USB HDD. To be doubly safe I would run the backup from recovery media to reduce the risk of the malware infecting the USB HDD.

There is no way to be 100% safe, other than not allowing the PC to connect to the internet, even then there are risks of malware on removable decies (USB HDD and USB Stick) migrating to the PC.