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Why don't these backup stats jive ?

Thread needs solution
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1st screen shot: backup almost complete. 84.2 GB Selected - 255 GB total size - 99.16 GB backing up.

2nd Screen shot - Backup Complete - 75.9 Total size  (Previous was 255 GB)

And just before completeon, the amount backing up was OVER 100 GB.


most  of the stats DO NOT Jive !


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The sizes are always going to be best gestimates until the backup has completed fully, especially when compression is being used as the degree achievable is unknown until actioned.

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Also, it might be backing up 100GB, but filtering out some of it too (default filters exclude recycle bin, pagefile, etc.), On top of the compression.

If you're concerned something is missing, and it's a disk or partitions backup, mount it as a volume with a drive letter. Then compare the contents and main Folder sizes side by side with the free treesize tool or mindgems folder size free tool.

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There is a duplicate post here where I have responded. I wonder if it is due to cleanup rules being applied?