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Acronis 2018 Backup Menu problem with 'Others'

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I am hoping Steve will answer this one. As per uploaded screen shot I get 'Others' spuriously showing below my main 'This computer' backups which apparently can be deleted but nothing happens. If one is selected and Acronis is shut down - restarted, in between the source and destination an 'i' appears which indicates This backup was added manually or via auto-search. To create new versions, click 'Reconfigure', and then reselect the source.

But nothing happens clicking 'Reconfigure'. When I start a new set of Backups I clone settings and rename - will these 'Others' disappear? Or is there something else I can do to get rid of them?

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Acronis is picking up existing backup files from the folders shown in the path below the file name in the image.

The entries listed in the 'Others' section can come from other systems when the Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini background service is running for connection to the Acronis online dashboard. 

Those entries would need to be reconfigured to be used on the machine showing them, else can be deleted if not needed but may well be rediscovered again by Acronis if the files are still present on the system or attached storage media.

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Thanks for responding.

Either of the 'Others' do not respond to Delete. They do respond to 'Rename' but on restarting, the name reverts back to what it was. Looks like there is some corruption somewhere - I had just restored the PC because of some other problem when this problem started.

Looks like I am going to have to wait until the present batch of the green ticked backups is complete and do a reinstall of Acronis and import backed up settings (done a while back).