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Acronis 2018 changes WIN 10 back to WIN 7 and re-orders disk letters during PC backup - WHY?? and HOW TO RECOVER??

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Apologies for the first post on this subject which I didn't finish because of interpreting the SAVE command incorrectly. A much better word or phrase on the green Action Button below would be "POST" or "SUBMIT TOPIC". :-)


I have been using a NETGEAR NAS 204 in Flex-RAID RAID 5 config plus ACRONIS 2016 and then 2018 to back up my PC. When using ACRONIS 2016 I had WIN 7 as the OS.

Then, after upgrading ACRONIS 2016 to 2018, some months later I did a clean PC install of WIN 10, using this change to rebuild my PC using SSD's for the C: and D: drives. There are also two large "normal" hard disks on my machine, one of which is partitioned into two virtual drives, giving me a total of 6Tb of space. Disk letters are C: D: E: F: and G:

Since using Acronis and the NAS I have not had any problems with backups, and at one time when a new SSD failed I was really happy that the recovery via Acronis 2018 took so little time and effort.

However, after nearly six years of "back-up bliss", last night something extremely weird happened. I started a full backup which ran properly, and I set the "switch" to turn off the PC on completion and went to bed.

When I awoke this morning I could hear the PC still running in my office, which it should not have been. Upon checking, I found that instead of a perfectly good operating WIN 10 PC, I now had a perfectly good operating WIN 7 PC!!

All of my data was still on my PC (I had not lost any data at all), and apart from it now being WIN 7 in all its unsupported glory, the only things that had changed were the Drive letters (the previous D: drive was now the F: drive, E: had changed to D:, F: had changed to E: and G: had changed to H:), plus on the NAS the Acronis Back-Up diagram now reflected the previous WIN 7 name of my PC, and the Back-Up location was using my previous WIN 7 back-up name.

The WIN 10 back-ups were not to be found on the NAS, but after some digging around I located my previous WIN 10 backups plus the full one supposedly done last night. However, all the previous full backups had been around 1Tb , with incremental ones being around 25Gb, but the supposedly completed full one last night was only about 670GB.

WIN 7 actually works properly, except for a few missing links between a small number of icons and their respective programs/apps, but the NAS does not reflect WIN10 until you start digging into the Shares.

I hate to sound cynical but is this one of those "undocumented features" of the Acronis software? If there was a glitch - I postulated that maybe WIN 10 tried an update in the middle of the back-up, the PC crashed, and Acronis went on to repair the mess by reverting back to WIN 7 - I honestly don't know, does anyone??

I have had such a good experience with Acronis in the past that this whole episode is a huge aberration! Is there a glitch in the Acronis software that hasn't been found previously? 

Please, no responses that just tell me to update to the latest Acronis software. Given the present financial situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, a retiree like myself just can't keep paying out, especially as there are so many programs like NERO back-up which come bundled free and keep pestering you to try them.

SO, has anyone ever experienced anything like this before, and if so, what can I do about changing back to WIN 10 and stopping this happening again??

I hope someone can help. After all, to magically change a PC back from WIN 10 to WIN 7 overnight has to be unusual. :-)

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Walter, welcome to these public User Forums.

As far as I am aware and based on my own personal experience of using ATI since version 9.0 up to today, I have never encountered any reports of anyone saying that doing a Backup of Windows 10 resulted in their computer being downleved to an earlier version of Windows such as Win 7.

A backup task for all versions of ATI is exactly that - a backup task. There is no automatic failover to a backup task becoming a recovery task, so there is definitely something else at work in this troublesome scenario you have described!

Any ATI Recovery cannot be automated and always requires user intervention to proceed to completion, hence it is difficult to reconcile your backup task changing to a recovery one!

Was this computer a dual-boot OS with both Windows 10 and Windows 7 on it?

Have you looked at any of the ATI log files stored in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Logs for any created during the date / time period covered by this strange activity?

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Like Steve, I am perplexed by this. I have been using Acronis since version 10, and have never had this happen. Also like Steve, I have no recollection of this ever being reported on the Forum.