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Acronis 2018 stopped backing up on 6/2/20

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Hi. Been using Acronis since 2015 and upgraded to 2018 when it came out. It stopped backing up on 6/2/20. There is plenty of disc space. Message says 'calculating time remaining' , but it will say that literally for days without starting backup. So, I updated 2018 and setup a new identical backup scheme and pressed "backup now" , but it only says 'queued' and has said that for days. Attempts to get a human at Acronis is a joke. Was going to upgrade to 2020, but will not do so unless I can get help when needed. Feeling stymied and looking elsewhere for backup software with better support. Any ideas? Thanx

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Louis, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you are seeing queued status then Acronis believes another task is active, so to clear this you need to download the Acronis Scheduler Manager tool (link in my signature).

Run the schedmgr.exe as Administrator (no install needed), then when you see the black command window, type in task zap - this will remove all scheduled tasks.

I would recommend doing a restart at this point to clear any active hung tasks, then retry your new backup task.

If the new task is then working correctly, remove the old task, and decide if you want to set a schedule for the new task.

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interestingly, mine stopped backing up on may 29th. no reason. apparently a corrupted certificate. the software tried once more a couple of weeks later and then did nothing until today when I went on to make sure all was right with the world. no notification, no big red flag, nothing. this is a total failure. it seems like 2018 just doesn't really work. maybe last update? not sure but I would definitely consider other options.