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Acronis 2018 / W10 1803 will not make backup of OneDrive local folders and files

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Situation: I have updated Windows 10 from 1709 to 1803

With Windows 10 1709:  Acronis 2018 works perfectly.

With Windows 10 1803 there were problems: Acronis 2018 / W10 1803 will not make backup of OneDrive local folders and files. I get error messages and may stop backing up OneDrive.

 All other drives, folders and files were backed up OK.

What have I done:

  • Ensured that I, System and Administrator have access to all my local folders, subfolders and files in OneDrive.
  • That these folders are always available, and fully updated on my PC
  • Downloaded the latest Acronis, 11530
  • Uninstalled the old version??
  • Rebooted PC, and installed the new version of Acronis.

With Windowes 10 1803 and Acronis 2018, 11530: Still the same problem.

Can anyone suggest what I can do?

I don't think that a fall-back to 1709 will result in something different than that Acronis works OK again.

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Chris, there have been several recent forum topics in this area, though this is not an issue that I have seen myself or encountered with my own OneDrive backups with the same system levels for the OS and ATI 2018.

See forum topics:

ATI Won't Backup OneDrive Folders to Cloud after Windows 10 April Update

Backup of OneDrive Folders Fails

Backup won't start - folder may be blocked by another app

I would recommend opening a Support Case direct with Acronis for this issue so that they can investigate this issue for you and other users.

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I am getting a slightly different message (folder does not exist or is corrupt - suggest running disk scan), and the backup aborts. 

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I am having the same issue after upgrading to Windows 10 1803.  The error says: "Failed to back up file or folder F:\Onedrive': It may be blocked by another application", see attached image.   I closed all office applications and windows explorer but always get this error.  Any idea on what the conflict is?

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Have a look at the last post in this thread - the solution there may work for you.