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Acronis not deleting old version chains, but logs say it is!

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I have an incremental backup job that was originally configured to store no more than 4 version chains, but I changed that to 2 version chains to save on disk space.  I let the job continue to run for a week and then saw in the activity that it freed up ~600GB.  However, my disk didn't have any more space.

I looked in the path for the backups and it still had 4 version chains.  I manually deleted the two oldest ones, ran a verification job (successful) and then waited another week.  Once again, the activity showed the deletion of the oldest version chain, but no change in disk space.

I then checked the ti_demon log for that job and saw that it was successfully deleting the oldest version, but nothing actually happens on the disk.  It's not deleting anything.

I have two other backup jobs that have no problem managing the proper number of versions and cleaning up after themselves.  "Do not delete the first version of the backup" is unchecked.  Anything else to check here?

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Matt, welcome to these public User Forums.

This certainly is a strange topic and not one that I have any recollection of seeing being reported previously in the forums.

I am assuming that the two other backup jobs not having any problems deleting old versions are on the same PC?

My thoughts are that the one problem task has got itself into a twist in some way and that the best way to move forward would be as follows:

Remove the problem task settings or set that task to be not scheduled, then create a new task using the same source and options as the original task but choose a new destination folder to avoid any conflicts with existing files, using a new task name as well.

Alternatively, just remove the problem task settings, then use the 'Add existing backup' option to select the most recent backup file for the removed task.  This will add a new task entry using the name of the selected file, then rename the new task (to delete all the extra parts of the file name) and reconfigure the task options.