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Acronis TI 2018 let me down.. BIG TIME :(

Thread needs solution
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If there is one piece of software you need to be bulletproof - its your backup solution. If it fails - you tends to only find out when you need it most.

And that's what just happened to me.. I fitted a new SSD and guess I messed up the clone process (even though I done it loads of times before without issues).. anyway - no problem - I have a recent image of the drive.. I can restore to old, original SSD and go again.

So I created a fresh copy of the TI 2018 recovery media.. booted with that … pointed it at the backup on my NAS (had a scare when it started talking about passwords  for my NAS.. but it confirmed it could connect OK without, which is good, as its a open share, with no password needed), but then it came up to say the backup was corrupt and it could not proceed (no explanation about exactly how it was corrupt). I had 3 sperate full images (i.e. irrespective of a number of incremental updates).. and all 3 were corrupt

So I was stuffed.. and have now had to spend a day rebuilding it from a fresh install of Win 10 64bit Pro 1803. Fortunately I am organised - so had all the software keys/passwords etc.

Now I know (because I check these things)… that Acronis had been recording all of these backups as "successful" and reporting no errors at all in the backups and all the incrementals (I run it as full backup every 4 incrementals).

Did I do something not quite right? I don't think so.. you might say "you should have validated your backups before doing this", but that's unreasonable.. TI should be doing whatever validation it needs before declaring any backup successful. Anyway - I come back to what I said at top... this product needs to be bullet (and idiot) proof.. and it clearly is not.

Now that I have rebuilt.. I can access those old backups just fine (to access individual files).. so again - not sure how they "corrupt", presumably it must be in the backup of the partitions type info.

Interested in comments.. I am sure some people will report they managed to recover in similar circumstances with no issues.. but that's of little consolation to me.. and it still does not demonstrate that this product is "Bulletproof"



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Sorry for you situation. I would try one thing before giving up on the backups. Copy the full backups from the NAS to a regular drive. I don't know if you are dealing with a desktop or a laptop. An internal drive on a desktop would be preferable. An external USB drive could also work. Then try to validate the backups using the recovery media. You never know, it's worth a try.

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I think you miss the point... at the time of the failure.. I had a dead PC.. no easy way to move files around from NAS to one of the other drives. (it is a Desktop.. with about 5 drives in it)…. and since Acronis has let me down.. really not in the mood to start thinking about workarounds. I don't think it is an unreasonable expectation that the Damn thing should work.. is it?

Anyway - for fun... now that my PC is up and running again.. I did point Acronis at one of the Backups its recovery tool reported as "corrupted", leaving it on the NAS.. and asked Acronis to Validate it... it reported the backup as fine.


P.S. The above is not strictly true - I have loads of PC's - so I could have ripped out a drive.. copy the backup from NAS to it.. and then put it back in the dead PC and try recovery.. but TBH.. I have so little faith in this POS product right now.. I just went for a rebuild.. Call me cynical - but you start to wonder if Acronis claims of "fastest backup yet" for each new version - are because they  do less and less checking/validation.. It really is hard to get across to you how annoyed I am with this product.    

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Having same problem here in 2021 using TI 2021 - spent hours with tech support without any result. Have to reinstall OS and salvage files from backup (which works with desktop app but not from recovery app which says TIB file is corrupt)

I have been using True Image for years and now I finally need to restore my computer, it fails me. Lesson learned.

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Hello William,

sorry to know about this frustrating experience! Unfortunately, some cases require the more in-depth investigation to reveal the root cause of the issue. I still hope that you'll give us a second chance one day and Acronis software will better suit your needs. If any assistance with the support ticket is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.