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Acronis True Image 2018 Update 1 for Windows is available

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Dear Acronis Community,

please be aware of Acronis True Image 2018 U1 for Windows.

Build number for PC: 9660

What's new

•    Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
•    Machine learning for the Active Protection feature
•    Issue fixes and other improvements

Fixed issues

•    [TI-108961] Under bootable media, when SMB1 protocol is switched off, connection to a Windows share hangs.
•    [TI-113226] Media Builder crashes after reconnecting a USB drive while creating a bootable media.
•    [TI-112907] The Active Protection notification hangs when overlaid by the system report icon.
•    [TI-112771] Infinite loading in the Account tab after starting the trial mode, if Active Protection is turned on.
•    [TI-112530] The Media Builder window does not fit the screen if scaling is set to 150 percent.
•    [TI-112218] The information message about stopped recovery is absent if the recovery is from a backup located in the 'Others' section of the backup list.
•    [TI-112095] Queued backups become canceled if the charge cord was unplugged when the "Do not back up when working on battery power" option is turned on.
•    [TI-111324] On the Activity tab, some failed backups have no time stamp of failure.
•    [TI-109785] Nonstop Backup creates a snapshot when no changes have been made to the protected data.
•    [TI-105796] On some laptops, the message "Network configuration parameters are not valid" appears when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network under Linux-based bootable media.
•    [TI-92030] The "Unable to format media" error appears while creating bootable media on a 64 GB USB flash drive formatted to exFAT.

Known issues

•    [TI-114893] When cloning a disk, the value of required space on the destination disk is calculated incorrectly if you use the file exclusion feature.
•    [TI-113732] The number of backup versions is incorrect when backing up to Acronis Secure Zone with custom backup scheme based on the full backup method.
•    [TI-112316] In some cases, the "An error occurred either during connection or on the server. Check your internet connection..." message appears after clicking the Recovery button.

Release notes are available here: EN, DE, RU, JP  

Thank you!

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