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Backup WD my cloud home with mac OS and True Image 2018

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Is it possible to save the data of this home cloud on acronis cloud ?
I specify that the WD my cloud home has 2 disks in RAID 1 and I have a licence for True Image 2018

Best regards 

O. Peitrequin

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Olivier, welcome to these User Forums.

It should be possible to backup using your WD My cloud drive as the source and the Acronis Cloud as the destination providing you can select these as such from within your ATI 2018 GUI when configuring the backup task.

The key with RAID drives is that they should present to ATI as if they are a single drive rather than as the 2 separate drives that are in a RAID array relationship.

Please note that my comments are based on use of ATI 2018 for Windows - I do not have a Mac system nor have used the Mac version of ATI.  There is a dedicated Acronis True Image for Mac Forum if you want more specific Mac advice from users with Mac computers / experience.

Posts: 3
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Thank you.

I ask the same question on the forum mac