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BSOD - WINDOWS 10 --- Can not BACKUP some folder/files small

Thread needs solution
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may be empty c:/ disk only 600MB

Can not BACKUP some folders/files small, when booting with Acronis TI 2018 Linux Media, please see the attachments and reply ...well???

sometimes never end backup - even some images chosen

sometimes errors: 20230305_103044.jpg

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Leonidas, the disk write error is preventing the backup from succeeding and should be resolved by using disk diagnostic tools if using CHKDSK /F for the drive does not resolve it.

Disk 3 is Windows disk 2 due to how Acronis numbers drives differently to Windows but should be your backup destination drive.

For the BSOD error then do a search for 'error code 0xc0000428 windows 10' on Google or any other search engine and there are lots of hits to try to help resolve this - the common issue looks to be related to a problem with the BOOTMGR file for which you need to boot the system using Windows recovery media or installation media.

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Hello Leonidas!

Was it possible to perform the activities properly after reviewing the status of the disk and fixing the issues in there?

Thanks in advance!