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build numbers and iso files

Thread needs solution
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It's been about 16 months since I was last here, and the site has clearly had a makeover.  And IMHO, it's not all good.

It used to be that selecting a product/version, there would be a display of links for the latest build number and related iso file.  Build number - check, I need that so download; iso file, download and burn a disk.  User easy.

Now, having been alerted that a new version is available, finding the build number for a version on the support site is an exercise in searching pages, and the iso  link has just disappeared.  Unfriendly to say the least.


So how do I easily find the latest build number and the related iso file??  without having to search the earth to get it.

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David, you can quickly find all the most recent build numbers on the Acronis Product Updates page where there are download links for the installer files for the same.

To my knowledge, there has never been such public links to ISO's for the Acronis rescue media, these have to be downloaded from your Acronis Account download page for each registered product that you own.

All ISO's of rescue media are for Linux based rescue media which is the poor relation in that area of the product as compared to Windows PE media that can be build directly from the tool provided with the application, and which (the latter) also allows for any additional device drivers to be incorporated as needed.