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Cannot delete old Acronis files from backup disk.

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Trying to make room on my ext hard drive, I have tried unsuccessfully to delete old backup files that I know longer need or use.  They were left behind when I changed the scheme of my backups.  When I try to delete them I get a Windows error msg "Folder Access Denied."  "You'll need to provide administrative permission to delete this folder."  But I am the administrator.

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Thomas, if you have Acronis Active Protection running on your computer, then this will prevent you from deleting .tib files from any attached drives.

You can right-click on the AAP (blue shield with letter 'A') icon in the Windows system tray and take the option to 'Turn off AAP' while you are deleting unwanted files, then turn it on again afterwards.

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I have noticed that the blue shield is not in my system tray.  However I have found that in Acronis True Image 2019 on the left hand side of the screen it does list "Acronis Active Protection " and here you can turn off the "Acronis Active Protection ". Then remove the .tib files at your delight.  Thank You Steve Smith for giving me the information to look for in my program.

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William, you may have to use the little up arrow "carrot" next to your system clock in the tray to see the Acronis icon if it is not set to show.

In Windows 10, you may also want to go to settings (have Acronis GUI open first, just to make sure it will be listed when you do this) and add True Image as a system tray icon if it didn't do it automatically during install.


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