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Created Initial backup no incrementals and16 folders each 4 GB folders were put in C:/ & 1 in destination drive

Thread needs solution
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I created an Initial backup with no incremental backups no schedule after wards I saw I had 16 Acronis folders each 4 GB in my C:/ drive and only 1 Acronis backup in my destination drive

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Charles, sorry but a lot more information is needed to understand what has happened here?

Please download the MVP Log Viewer tool (link in my signature below) and use this to review the log file for your backup operation.

What exactly are you backing up here?

What type of backup is this? (Disk & Partitions or Files & Folders)?

Where are you writing the backup to?  (Internal, external, USB or Network drive)

What are the names of the 16 Acronis folders you are seeing on your C: drive?
Have you tried opening these folders to see what the contents are?
If yes, what was in the folders?

Screen images can always be very helpful in showing what you are seeing?