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Delete last incremental backup file using Acronis True Image 2018 bootable thumb drive

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How can I remove the last incremental backup file ?

I have a full backup plus 3 incremental backups.  I want to remove incremental 3, so the next time that I do a backup it will continue from Incremental 2.

I read somewhere that deleting it in Windows Explorer was not a good idea so I want to find out the proper way to delete the file

I am using Acronis True Image 2018 from a bootable thumb drive, rather than it being installed in Windows

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There are no tools in the ATI 2018 bootable rescue media application to allow individual files or version chains to be deleted unless you create the Windows PE version of the media and use the PE Command line window to issue DOS type commands to do so.

What you can do, is to delete the unwanted incremental .tib file in Windows Explorer, and if you have the ATI 2018 application installed and this was used to create that file, then do a validation for the creating task and take the ignore option when the file is flagged as being missing.

With ATI 2019 and later versions, Acronis have introduced a new option in the main GUI to allow cleanup of the files associated with any backup task, which would allow selecting and deleting an individual incremental tib file (providing it is the last in the version chain), and handle any related information for that file & task within the tool.