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Exclusions Not Working

Thread needs solution
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Hello All,

I am using True Image 2018 on 2 Windows laptops (One Win 10 and one Win 11).  Both laptops have 1TB SSD’s with about 800GB used.  I have run a number of backups over the last couple years as recently as a couple months ago.  I backup the entire PC and exclude Documents, Videos and Music. The backups, including the most recent, have always been successful and are 40 to 50 GB.  

Today, when I tied to run another backup of the Win 11 machine, Acronis would not exclude selected folders from data being backed up. The selected data indicated on the setup page did not show the exclusions and when I started, 800 GB was being backuped. I closed and restarted Acronis and restarted the laptop.  The Win 10 machine has the same problem.

Note that no changes have been made to either laptop since the last successful backups so it is unlikely that there are any file system problems affecting both machines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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Roger, the most common reason why exclusions would be ignored is if the backup switches to using sector-by-sector mode of operation due to either the user choosing this in the Advanced options for the task, or there being bad sectors or other file system errors encountered on the source disk drive(s).

The logs for the backup task should throw some more light on what is happening.

Download a copy of the MVP Assistant log viewer tool and use this to look at the logs to see if they show any issues during the operation process?

The latest version of the new log viewer tool is at the link below. 
MVP Assistant - New 2.0 with Rescue Media Builder (New Version 2.3.1)

If you have Disks & Partitions backups created on ATI 2020 or later using .tibx files, then look in the Backup Worker logs.

If you have Files & Folders backups using .tib files (or Disk backups from earlier versions using .tib files) or using Cloning then look in the Demon logs.

Other logs are shown by the MVP Assistant under the 'Active Logs' heading of the Log Viewer page of the Assistant.

The Schedule2 log contains information related to scheduled task but is one of the more difficult logs to read / work through.

The log files should be zipped to preserve their original file names if sharing in the forums and would need to be less than 3MB in size, otherwise you would need to share the zip file via a Cloud share service such as OneDrive, Dropbox etc.