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"Failed to back up file or folder 'MicrosoftFLightSimulator_1.26.5.0_x648wekyb3d8bbwe'. It may be blocked by another application

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Hi, I've run across a couple of threads having to do with "fail to backup" but I'm not well versed enough to figure out what I need to do.

Acronis 2018 hangs at the point this appears on my screen and will not continue that backup until I press "ignore".

Can someone help me figure this out, or point me in the right directions so I can discontinue babysitting my backup.

Thanks in advance!!



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Mahlon, there are several reasons why this folder might be 'blocked'.

It may be locked by an active application that is using it, or it may be locked by an antivirus application that considers it to be potential malware.

If you are making a Disks & Partitions backup of the drive where the folder is located, then you can try using the Exclusions option to exclude that specific folder.

If you are making a Files & Folders backup then you would need to open the Source selection and deselect that specific folder.

The log file for the backup task may show more details of what is happening - see my signature for a link to the MVP Assistant tool for viewing logs.

Posts: 2
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Thank you for the taking time to help me out. I'll download your MVP to see if it can shed any light on my problem. I can't find the microsoft file or folder mentioned in the error screen. Using windows search to find it is not working.

I've set up a new test backup, backing up my Microsoft flight simulator folder only to see if I get the error again.

Everything had been backing up fine with no issues; so I don't know what caused it or why it would happen after several successful differential backups.

Thanks again.