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How to delete TIB files?

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I have an old external drive with several TIB files from an old system I no longer own. I want to delete these TIB archive files . It says I need administrator mode to delete these TIBs, yet when I run either file explorer or use the RMDIR command in system admin mode, it still will not let me delete these files.  The files do not show up in Acronis, so using that does not appear to be an option.

How the heck do I delete these TIBs without reformatting my drive?

-- a really frustrated user, who is considering dumping Acronis!

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Paul, with ATI 2018 Acronis introduced Acronis Active Protection which is designed to prevent your .tib files from being attacked by ransomware, malware etc, but it also prevents them from being deleted too!

Open the main ATI GUI and then click on the Protection page and turn off AAP while you delete the unwanted files, then turn it back on again after your done.

KB 60190: Acronis True Image 2019 and 2018: how to disable Active Protection in Windows

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Thank you so very much!!!