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How to prevent Acronis from restoring a GPT disk as MBR?

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I have made a Backup via our Acronis Cyber Protect Server of a machine running UEFI with a GPT Disk.

I built an almost exact replica of that PC and want to restore the backup from the first PC to said replica.

So I boot up via my Acronis USB Stick via UEFI and select restore, the Files are on a seperate USB-SSD.

Now Acronis always says the disk I'm restoring to will be initialised as MBR, I do not want to do this though.

Every time I restore this way, I get an error that says the EFI Partition could not be mounted.

This even happens if I specifically format the disk to GPT beforehand.

I simply want to restore a GPT disk to another GPT disk. Why is this happening? The restored disk is not bootable this way, resulting in a dead backup.

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Hello Kim.

Could you please tell us if after checking the correct topic you were able to find a solution for yourself?



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I had to create several new Acronis Boot Sticks until one finaly allowed me to restore with GPT in mind. Though the restore was still unsuccessfull, "sucessfull with warnings" which results in a BSOD saying boot.uefi is missing.