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How to search for file changes across multiple incrementals

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I have ATI 2018 and have set up an incremental files and folders backup. When I try and restore there is an option to select from a date and time but since I don't know when a particular file was updated or deleted I have to select each date in turn (and each time I change the date the refresh is slow but that's a separate concern)

Is there a way of seeing all the changes to an individual file?

As an example of what I mean, if I set an hourly schedule with a full backup performed each week I would have approx 720 incremental files. If I accidentally modified or deleted "ReallyImportantFile.txt" at the beginning of the month but didn't know exactly when how would I best search for this file and chose which version to recover?

Ideally I would like to be able to do this across full version backups as well.



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Richard, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry but there is no such easy method available to determine exactly when any specific file was modified and captured in one of your incremental backup image files.

Please submit Feedback to Acronis on your requirement for such a facility using the tool found in the ATI GUI, or else open a Support Case to document your requirement.

This has been raised in the past by other users but the more who tell Acronis that they would value such a feature in the application, the more weight the request will carry with development.