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Media Rescue Builder geht nicht: Failed to mount the source .wim file

Thread needs solution
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habe neuste AT 2018 Build installiert und wollte mit dem Rescue Medium Builder eine Boot ISO erstellen, bzw direkt auf dem USB Stick.

Aber keines funktioniert. Erhalte immer diese Fehlermeldung.

Keine Ahnung was ich machen muss damit es klappt. Windows ADK Kit ist auf neusten Stand.

Bild Fehlermeldung: 2017-08-25_152850.jpg


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Mike wrote:


Had installed the latest AT 2018 build and wanted to use the rescue medium builder to create a boot ISO, or directly on the USB stick.

But none works. Always get this error message.

No idea what I have to do to make it work. Windows ADK Kit is up to date.

Image error message:

Boot medium cannot be created - Failed to mount source wim file.

Mike, welcome to these User Forums.

Did you install ATIH 2018 as a clean install, i.e. with no previous version installed, or did you upgrade from an older version such as ATIH 2017 or 2016?

It is possible that there may be some left-overs from the older version that can cause this type of error if you upgraded.

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Hello, yes upgrade from 2017 to 2018 .

Ok i will deinstall and install clean. And have found a acronis clean tool.

I give Feedback but today not.

Thanks for the replay

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it does not work. Have deinstall the Upgrade Version and use the Acronis Clean Tool. 

Install 2018 Version. And get the same Error. With 2017 it has work for me to Create the Boot Medium, so i use this.

Or have you another Reason?

Best Regards Mike from Germany

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Mike, download the MVP Log Viewer tool - see the ATIH Community Tools link below or found in the Tools page in the GUI.  Use this to look at the TI_media_builder log contents for your media creation attempt - I see the following for the Standard WinRE Rescue Media I just created as an ISO image on my computer.

27/08/2017 16:44:24: +00:00 7264 I00000000: GetDisplayInfo succeeded: DPI: 96, scaling: 100%. Monitors: Resolution: 1280x800, work area: 1280x760, physical DPI: 76.
27/08/2017 16:44:24: +00:00 7264 I00000000: EnableHiDpiScaling - use system scaling.
27/08/2017 16:45:23: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Bootable media type: WinPE-based media with Acronis software
Target media: ISO file
Image location: I:\AcronisBootablePEMedia2018.iso
27/08/2017 16:45:23: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Adding MS loader...
27/08/2017 16:45:23: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Copying source .wim file...
27/08/2017 16:45:27: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Mounting .wim file...
27/08/2017 16:46:32: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Updating .wim file contents...
27/08/2017 16:46:41: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Updating registry...
27/08/2017 16:46:43: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Updating files...
27/08/2017 16:46:43: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Updating regional settings...
27/08/2017 16:46:43: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Installing additional packages...
27/08/2017 16:46:43: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Updating drivers...
27/08/2017 16:46:43: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Saving .wim file...
27/08/2017 16:50:15: +00:00 7204 I00180000: Building ISO image...
27/08/2017 16:50:46: +00:00 7204 I00180000: The operation has completed.

Start: 27/08/2017 16:44:24
Stop: 27/08/2017 16:50:46
Total Time: 00:06:22


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i have found the Reason, it works :

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Hmmmm i can now create a normal Linux Boot Iso but not an WinPE, then i get the error again, the Temp Folder is empty, but dont work for WinPE Iso creat

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Mike, thanks for sharing your feedback and solution - this was a new one to me - the Acronis Backup topic was written back in 2013 and I haven't seen any other reports like this!

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Ok, perhaps we celebrated too soon here!  

Are you running the Media Builder from an Administrator level account?

Did you look at the TI_media_builder log files?

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The Tool dont work for me, i have manually find the Logfile and paste it. 

2017-08-27T15:40:16:277+01:00 9856 I00000000: GetDisplayInfo succeeded: DPI: 144, scaling: 150%. Monitors: Resolution: 1920x1080, work area: 1920x1020, physical DPI: 152. 
2017-08-27T15:40:16:277+01:00 9856 I00000000: EnableHiDpiScaling - use system scaling.
2017-08-27T16:45:42:621+01:00 1936 I00180000: Typ des Boot-Mediums: WinPE-basiertes Medium mit Acronis Software
Zielmedium: ISO-Datei
Image-Speicherort: C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\AcronisBootablePEMedia.iso
2017-08-27T16:45:42:637+01:00 1936 I00180000: MS-Loader wird hinzugefügt...
2017-08-27T16:45:42:637+01:00 1936 I00180000: Quell-WIM-Datei wird kopiert...
2017-08-27T16:45:43:403+01:00 1936 I00180000: WIM-Datei wird gemountet...
2017-08-27T16:45:48:691+01:00 1936 E00180000: Error 0x180021: Failed to mount the source .wim file.
| line: 0xaa76ebb96e715342
| Datei: k:\9207\products\imager\home\builder\logic\utils_winpe.cpp:1648
| Funktion: TrueImage::MediaBuilder::WinpeMediaBuilder::ProceedWithWIM
| line: 0xaa76ebb96e715342, k:\9207\products\imager\home\builder\logic\utils_winpe.cpp:1648, TrueImage::MediaBuilder::WinpeMediaBuilder::ProceedWithWIM
| $module: ti_media_builder_vs_9207
|error 0xfff0: Der Benutzer hat versucht, für die Bereitstellung ein Verzeichnis zu verwenden, das nicht leer ist. Dies wird nicht unterstützt.
| line: 0xaa76ebb96e714e0c
| Datei: k:\9207\products\imager\home\builder\logic\utils_winpe.cpp:314
| Funktion: `anonymous-namespace'::WIMMounter::MountWIMImage
| line: 0xaa76ebb96e714e0c, k:\9207\products\imager\home\builder\logic\utils_winpe.cpp:314, `anonymous-namespace'::WIMMounter::MountWIMImage
| code: 0xc1420114
| $module: ti_media_builder_vs_9207


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Mike, this does look like the old topic with the non-empty mount folder!

Error 0xfff0: The user has attempted to use a directory that is not empty for deployment. This is not supported.

I guess that the real question here is what directory and where located?  I will see what I can check on my computer and post an update later.

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I have now run the Media Creation tool as Admin, and now it work also for the WinPe Medium Create. That was the Solution

Thanks for your Time and Help.

Best regards Mike


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Mike, glad that the issue is resolved.

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the Problem still exists.

Because the Temp Folder remains filled.

Run as Admin did not solve the Problem.

I have now use cCleaner in Settings, Folder Cleanup, add the Temp MntWIM Folder to clean it .

But now is the Problem that the MntWIM Folder is locked and can not cleaned by cCleaner, so the MntWIM get still filled.

That sucks.



And also sucks, i have 14 Zoll Laptop, Full HD, and when i started the Rescue Builder, then i can not push the Buttons forward, because the are invisible.

I must every time manualy hide the Taskbar to see these Buttons. What can i do, that they are allmost visible.?

No Buttons with Taskbar Full HD Laptop



When i Hide the Taskbar, i see the Buttons, Acronis what shall these do, that sucks, i payed a lot of money for Crap Software.



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Mike, just checked on my computer and I do not have a MntWIM folder after the Rescue Media tool has finished so there must be a prior issue that has left this folder behind and with a file(s) still in the folder.

My approach for getting rid of such folders/files is to do so outside of Windows by using a Linux Live distribution - I did this recently using Puppy Linux running on a USB stick to boot the computer into a graphical desktop then using the Linux file manager to delete them.

With regards to the Rescue Media Builder window size, this fits fine on my computer with the display resolution running at 1280x800 or 1280x768.

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Mike, the ATIH 2018 User Guide states the following:  

Minimum system requirements

Acronis True Image 2018 requires the following hardware:

  • Processor Pentium 1 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1.5 GB of free space on a hard disk
  • CD-RW/DVD-RW drive or USB flash drive for bootable media creation (about 600 MB of free space is required)
  • Screen resolution is 1024 x 768
  • Mouse or other pointing device (recommended)
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Mike Müller I was experiencing the same issue when attempting to create the Recovery image. The solution for me was to disable "Secure Boot" in the BIOS, based on the article Known Issue with the Windows ADK for Windows 10, version 1703. Then the image was created without issue. It appears to actually be an issue with Windows ADK, not True Image.

I realize this is a late response, but hopefully it can help someone.


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This someone was me.

Thank you "WeeLittleNano"!

Your KARMA Points went up today!

Cheers, Hanna

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Good find here Hanna, had forgotten about this forum topic!

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I realize I'm responding to an old post but googling brought me here for the same exact error... and I fixed it. 

In my case it was caused by my %TEMP% folder being redirected to a FAT32 drive, a RAMDrive. I redirected both user %TEMP% and the system TEMP variables back to the C:\ drive, rebooted, and was able to complete this task. 

Hopefully this is useful to someone else who googles this like I did. 

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William, thank you for taking the time to share your solution with the community! 

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 I have a brand new Dell Precision laptop 5530, running a fully patched Windows 10 Pro and a brand new copy of ATIH 2020.  I have an open ticket with Acronis customer support that finally pointed me here.

  1. I didn't have to uninstall anything as Mike did. Running as Administrator didn't work.
  2. My AppData\Local\Temp\MntWin folder was empty before I clicked on the 'Proceed' button and after I did and then got this error again.
  3. I was going to try to disable 'Secure Boot', but the link got a 404 error. At some point I can most likely figure this out, but before I try it, I was wondering if you disable 'Secure Boot' to create the rescue media and then reenable it again?
  4. I looked the Environmental variables that William said fixed this problem for him, but both my user and system %TEMP% variables are already pointing to the C: drive.

If anyone can answer my question point 3 for me, I would appreciate it. I have Dell Pro Support and can call them to be sure disabling 'Secure Boot' doesn't do the awful things i read today on the internet. I submitted the same question to customer support on my ticket with them, but I would appreciate a 2nd and perhaps better answer from the forum, especially since I was point to this forum entry.


Dee Dee


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Dee Dee, welcome to these public User Forums.

I would recommend creating a new topic for your issue here rather than tagging it on to the end of the previous one which does not appear to relate to the issue you have?  This topic is over 3 years old and is not in the ATI 2020 forum either.

Disabling Secure Boot should not be needed to get the Rescue Media builder to work correctly as it has nothing to do with that tool.

Please open a new topic in the ATI 2020 Forum and provide information on exactly what error you are seeing, the type of rescue media being created, what options being used etc.

Please download the MVP Log Viewer tool (link in my signature below) and use this to review the log file for your media builder operation. This should provide more information on why you are seeing any notification messages?
Note: select the Log Type: TI_media_builder in the top menu bar of the viewer tool.