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Missing Connection to Backups

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I have ATI 2018 Build 15470 running on Windows 7 Pro sp1 x64.

I have a scheduled backup job that runs every night.

Normally, the "Backup" screen has 3 tabs: Backup, Activity, and Recovery.

The Backup tab normally shows the source and destination locations with a “status” icon between them indicating whether the backup succeeded or not.  Below that, the screen shows the time/date of the backup and the amount and type of data backed up.  And below that is the time/date of the next scheduled backup.

In addition, the right-click context menu on the job name should show Rename, Validate, Clone settings, Move, Delete, Open location, and Search files

However, after last night’s job, although the status icon is the usual green circle with a white check, none of the other information is there. And the right-click menu shows only Rename, Clone settings, and Delete.

Fig. 1

The Activity tab shows that there was a successful incremental backup of 4 GB followed by a successful validation.

Fig. 2

But the Recovery tab says, “No data to recover yet. Create your first backup version to see its content here.”

Fig. 3

Looking at the destination location with Windows Explorer shows last night’s incremental backup, although it’s only about 2.4 GB rather than 4 GB.

Fig. 4

Should I do nothing and hope that after tonight’s backup job the missing information will return to the Backup and Recovery tabs?

Or should I do something else – and if so, what would that be?

[Sorry - the website is giving me a lot of problems when I try to upload the images; I'll try later]

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Pete, from your description it sounds as if your backup destination drive might have a different drive letter now than the one it had when your backup was created?  This would give the symptoms you have described because ATI cannot find the configured destination therefore doesn't know now if a backup exists or not.

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No, it's the same drive.  The drive does have a tendency to "go to sleep" however.  If this happens, the backup sometimes fails if it doesn't "wake" fast enough when ATI attempts to access it.

I re-selected the same backup location, but the context menu still shows only Rename, Clone settings, and Delete. 

Then I did a manual backup using the "Backup Now" button.  ATI "realized" that there were existing backup files because it started to make an incremental backup (as it should have) with the proper file sequence name.  I closed ATI and let the backup complete.

When the backup was completed, I opened ATI and everything was back to normal.

Who knows?  I haven't lost access to the existing backups.  Things were a bit confused, and I had to "ignore" a number of versions, but everything appears to be working properly again.


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Pete, check your Windows Power Options for USB devices to see if you have the option to either 'selectively suspend' or to power off the drive (when powered from the USB port) for power saving?

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Thanks, I should have thought of that. 

My hard drive is powered by its own power supply rather than by the USB connection, but it "automatically powers on and off with the computer."

I'm not sure if I should disable "Selective Suspend" or go into Device Manager and deselect "Allow the computer to disable this device to save power."  The problem with the latter is that there isn't a "Power Management" tab on my USB 3.0 root hubs, only on the USB 2.0 root hubs.

I'll disable "Selective Suspend" in Power Options and see if that keeps the drive on.


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If that doesn't help, it may be possible to add a startup .bat script that simply pings the local system IP address or loopback address for a count of 10 seconds.  This can buy some time for the drive to come fully online before the backup will then attempt to run, assuming the drive starts waking up as soon as the backup task (and pre-command) is initiated.

@echo off

ping -a 10 > nul


copy that into notepad and call it delay.bat.  Then point your pre-script to it on the local system and see if it helps.