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Multiple .tib files from a single backup

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I have Acronis 2018. I did my normal backup (full version) to an external HD. The file validation process said it was successful. I looked on my external HD and saw that there were 2 .tib backup files created...ver1 was was about 60 GB and ver2 was about 620GB.

This has never happened before...I always get one file when backing up.   

Is this normal?

Thank you...Nick

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Nick, welcome to these public User Forums.

This can be normal if the backup was interrupted and recovered during the process due to an error etc.

The 2 files need to be kept together as they form a complete full backup image should it be needed for any recovery operation.

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I have seen this happen before as well when the backup is interrupted.  I would recommend to redo the backup so you can have the whole backup as a single TIB.  It's good to know that the multi-TIB backup is still recoverable though.