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"Operation has failed"

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Am using TrueImage 2018. After I successfully back up my Windows Volumes, I "X" out of TI and then remove the external drive that has my backup (I verify all my backups before I do this). Sometime later, it'll be days or weeks, I randomly get the message "operation has failed". Even though I am *NOT* in TI and am doing something totally different on my PC. I then reconnect the external drive, get into TI, and re-verify the backup. Then it's OK, TI likes that. Why do I get these messages? Cannot figure out what is happening. Thanks for any help. PS - this has been going on for several past versions of TI, not just 2018.

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Sorry but too little information to know how to advise you on what may be causing the error message 'operation has failed'?

Please download the MVP Log Viewer tool (link in my signature below) and use this to review the log file for your backup operation. This should provide more information on why you are seeing any notification messages?

Try to find any logs that match the time for when you are seeing the error message.

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It sounds like you may have something scheduled to run. It may actually be occurring more often but you may not be at the computer when it does.

As Steve said, get the MVP Log View and check the ti_demon logs and also check the schedul2 logs.