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Problem with NOT deleting old backups per options

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Why do I still have a differential backup version that is older than 6 days even though I have specified that deletion in my settings (see PNG images)? I'm concerned that my 4TB backup will fill before the previous backup is deleted. Thank you for your help. -- John

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John, welcome to these public User Forums.

Looking at your screen images shows correct operation for the settings you have chosen.

'Delete version chains older than 6 days' does not apply to individual differential backup slices but to completed version chains!

Your second image shows a full backup (-0042) followed by 6 differentials before the next new full backup (-0049) was created on 6/2/2021, so nothing will be deleted until 6 days after this new full backup, i.e. on 6/8/2021.

This is one reason why I prefer to use the alternative option for automatic cleanup, i.e. to use:

'Store no more than 2 recent version chains' which is easier to understand and which will delete the oldest version chain file(s) after a 3rd new chain has been started by the successful creation of a new full backup.