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Progress Status Window

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How do I have Acronis True Image 2018 show a progress status window when the software is performing a back up so when it is running I know the software is processing the back Back up? I notice when running a back up there is not any progress status window that shows how much time is left and so on so I know it is running and so forth? When I run the program all I see is a little circle running but no information shows in a window to show how far the back up is and so forth? How do I activate or change a setting so when running a back up I can track the progress of the back up? Thank you.

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Lightning Bolt, welcome to these User Forums.

There are no settings that control the progress status panel or system tray icon, this should be shown either within the ATIH 2018 GUI panel when you have the active task selected, or else should show in the Windows system tray area as an Acronis icon which hovering your mouse over will show you a percentage complete value.

If you are not seeing these progress indicators, then it would suggest that there is a problem with your ATIH 2018 installation.  In that case, try doing a Repair install of ATIH 2018 - you do this by downloading the full installer from your Acronis account, then running this as Administrator without uninstalling the current software - this should then show you a Repair option.