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Recovering Status

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I am doing a revery.  Status line message says: Recovering     14h 52m remaining.  The time is increasing.  It was at 13h a short while ago


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Typo:  doing a 'recovery' . 

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David, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry but difficult to comment on your recovery status detail without more information.

What are you recovering?
How are you doing the recovery?
Where is the data being recovered from?

All of the above can influence how much time recovery can take, i.e. recovery of backup data from the Acronis Cloud is possibly one of the slowest of these types of process, this due to the size of data that can be involved, and the limitation of broadband download speed etc.

Recovery from a local external USB drive is one of the fastest methods but this too depends on the size of data involved and the speed of both the drive and the USB Ports used.

If you are doing an OS drive recovery, then this should be done using the Acronis bootable Rescue media, so that you are working completely outside of Windows using a standalone OS environment (either Linux or Windows PE depending on the media used).

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It's not uncommon for ATI to increase the estimated time remaining.  It doesn't know the characteristics of the files it hasn't read so the remaining time is a calculated guess.  (A Windows Copy has the same "problem".)

How long did the backup take?

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