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Restore of True Image 2018 gives error message

Thread needs solution
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I’m trying to restore a full image backup from 2 days ago on 11/13 (saved on a passport drive) to my current Win10 computer that crashed and has just been restored to Win10.I can start the restore ok ie ‘Operation Progress” > “Preparing” but the bar does not progress and after a couple of minutes says “The backup was added manually or via auto-search. To create new versions, click Reconfigure and then reselect the source.” I don’t know how to do a Reconfigure?

If I proceed without a “Reconfigure” in a couple of minutes I get “Acronis is terminating the current operation, please wait. The computer will be turned off automatically in 2 minutes.
I really need to urgently get this recovery done.

Please reply ASAP!



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Dear robls99,
Thank you for reaching out. Since this is restore problem, we would suggest contacting our support: Customer Service and Support (

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This is a duplicate post - it is easy to do because it often appears that the save has not worked. I agree with the advice given by Steve Smith in one of the other threads (I initially posted a detailed response along the same lines but cut it down when I came across Steve's response).

You may need to change the UEFI/BIOS setting if it is set RAID - this is often selected in non-raid systems to improve performance but is problematic when doing a recovery; you will need to select AHCI.

Please post back if you need further assistance.