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Running TI 2018 after win10 upgrade - just use it or re-install it??

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I run TI 2018 on a windows 7 PC that I'm going to upgrade to windows 10 soon.  The upgrade will be an in-place migration (MS recommendation) and that carries over all the installed apps.

After the upgrade is done, can I just use it as I previously did; OR will I have to un-install the TI2018 application originally installed under win7, and then re-install under win10, for it run correctly??

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David, you should be able to leave ATI 2018 in place when you do the upgrade to Windows 10. However odd things sometimes happen when doing a Windows 10 upgrade (even form an earlier build of Windows 10), so I would create a backup before undertaking the upgrade. (I know you can do a rollback if the upgrade does not work as you want, but in such circumstances abundant caution is the best approach.).

I would create a new backup task for you OS disk after the upgrade (and create a backup), again out of abundant caution.

If you find you have problems with ATI 2018, just do a repair installation - use the latest build of the ATI 2018 installer, selecting run as administrator, and when prompted select repair rather than uninstall.

If Windows 10 upgrade does not like ATI 2018, it will exclude it from the migration, and you will get a message about it.  I recently upgraded a Windows 7.1 PC running ATI 2014 and it went without a hitch; I uninstalled it and then installed ATI 2020.

So, hopefully everything will go well for you.



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Hi Ian,

Thank you for that advice.  It was what I'd hoped for.

Backups before even little things have saved my a** so many times, I would not omit it for this.

Extending this further, does the same thing apply to DiskDirector 12?  Another handy tool that's been a life saver on many occasions.

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David, all installed applications should be carried forward in the migration from Win 7 to 10 unless MS determine that they are not compatible, which will be flagged up to you in the early preparation stages of the process.

Test your ATI and ADD applications after getting to Win 10 to check they are working OK, and only do a Repair install if there is evidence of issues.